The Slovenian Association of Teachers of the Deaf (dugs_wp21 – Društvo učiteljev Gluhih Slovenije)

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The Slovenian Association of Teachers of the Deaf (dugs_wp21 – Društvo učiteljev Gluhih Slovenije) was

formed in 2010. dugs_wp21 is the association representing the interests of teachers of deaf children and young

people or adults in the Slovenia. It provide opportunity to include in its membership representatives from all

the areas of Slovenia and from all the many branches of the profession as well as colleagues from other

field coping with deafness.

There are thirteen regional associations across the Slovenia and three Special institutions for deaf and

hard-of hearing children linked to the Slovenian Association of Teachers of the Deaf.

dugs_wp21 promote the educational interests of all deaf children, young people and adults and safeguards the

interests of Teachers of the Deaf. dugs_wp21 work in many areas to represent Teachers of the Deaf and their

colleagues. An associate membership is available to those who are not qualified Teachers of the Deaf as

well. Aims

• To promote the education of all deaf children, young persons and adults.

• To ensure and enhance the high quality of mandatory training of Teachers of the Deaf, and their

continuing professional development.


• Fostering and disseminating good practice for Deaf people.

• Informing and responding to legislation relating to Deaf learners.

• Actively influencing those agencies which govern the legislation, pay and conditions of Teachers of the


• Providing promotional, publicity and information materials related the profession.

Our role in the project is to enhance some of the opportunity for Slovenian Deaf adults in the area of leisure

activities. As we notice Deaf adults in Slovenia are not very active in society. They don’t make decisions

and are usually very passive in community. Our goal is to increase their quality of life by promoting different

kind of activities among Deaf citizens, by encouraging the process of inclusion between Deaf and non-deaf

people who lived in the neighbourhood.

In short: we would like to empower Deaf adults in their day life situations and encourage them to developed

much more their creativity potentials by offering them opportunity to met different culture, countries, people,

languages, workshops.