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After the international consultation, regarding the subject of deaf Interpreters, a two-day workshop will be organized on ‘Team work during interpretation’. The workshop will be led by an experienced teacher and interpreter Arunas Bražinski, who is constantly supplementing his knowledge at home and abroad. He is also one of the first and most experienced interpreters for international sign language and Lithuanian sign language in Lithuania. He works as an assistant to the director of Interpreter’s Centre in Kaunas, Lithuania.

This workshop is for beginners as well as for experienced interpreters and it will shed a light on examples of practices and most common mistakes made during interpretations, and it will also present guidelines for quality work and trainings.

We recommend this workshop to everyone, who already is an experienced interpreter and to all, who are interested in working as an interpreter, especially when it comes to cooperation between interpreters at several hours long events and meetings, where a need arise to use multiple interpreters.

Workshop’s participants are deaf and hearing, interested in quality work and translating, therefore all deaf user and especially future deaf interpreters are welcome.

The workshop will be carried out on Saturday, November 18th 2017 and on Sunday, November 19th 2017 at Zavod za gluhe in naglušne Ljubljana, Vojskova cesta 74, 1000 Ljubljana.

The workshop language will be international sign language, if there are going to be some applicants who do not know international sign language, translations will be provided.

Participation fee is 20 € (if you apply before November 10th 2017). If you apply after November 11th 2017, the application fee is 25 €.

The program:

1st day, Saturday, November 18th 2017

10.00–13.00 – workshop for the hearing

14.30–18.00 – workshop for the deaf

2nd day, Sunday, November 19th 2017

9.00–12.00 – workshop for all participants

12.00–12.30 – break

12.30–15.30 – workshop for all participants

The participants of this workshop will get a participation certificate after the program is concluded.

You can apply on our website, via e-mail, at the consultation “A Deaf Interpreter”, which will be carried out on November 17th 2017 at EU House on Dunajska cesta 20, Ljubljana or on the date of the workshop at Zavod za gluhe in naglušne Ljubljana.

WORKSHOP APPLICATION, November 18th–19th 2017

First and last name: _______________________________

Date of birth: _______________________________

An active user of Slovenian sign language

YES              NO

An active user of international sign language

YES              NO

I am (circle or underline):

A deaf person

A hearing person

The name of the organization:

(leave empty in case if an organization refers you): _____________________________

Organization’s address: __________________________

Organization’s place: ____________________

Address and place (if you apply as an individual): _____________________

E-mail:  _______________________________________

(we need it in case of changing the date or forwarding you further information)

Place and date: __________________________________________


Application fee, if you apply before November 10th 2017, is 20 € and 25 €, if you apply after November 11th 2017 and up to the day of the workshop.

You can pay the application fee directly to our bank account or with cash at the consultation on November 17th 2017 or at the workshop, if you will apply after November 11th 2017.


Payment information:

Društvo učiteljev gluhih Slovenije (The Slovenian Association of Teachers of the Deaf)

Černetova ulica 17

1000 Ljubljana


Account number: SI56 6100 0000 9104 185,

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